What It Takes To Succeed

When my grandparents moved to their North Carolina farm they planted 3,000 saplings.  20 years later their saplings have become a forest.  That forest reminds me what is possible when you devote yourself fully to a goal.  And that is what success takes….100% commitment. 

Success, in theory, is easy. 

Step 1: Start

Step 2: Finish   

But what people don’t tell you is what commitment really is.  Commitment is focusing 100% every second of every day on a very specific goal.  There is no “trying” and there is no “balance.”  There is only your goal and the steps you will take to reach that goal.  And if you want to succeed you will gladly sacrifice things in the short term to achieve your goal in the long term. 

 If you are currently navigating through life and dreaming about your future I want you to know:

  • Stop dreaming and start acting.  Nothing gets accomplished without action.

  • You need to be so passionate about your goal that you think about it every second of your life. 

  • You need to find a goal that enables you to give back to your community or family.  Without this visceral connection you will not be able to persevere when life gets tough or when you get tired. 

  • You need to drop all your excuses and suck it up buttercup!!!  No more distractions, no more waiting. 

And if you think having balance in life is just as important as your goal then you don’t have a dream you are truly devoted to and you need to go back to the drawing board.

To give you some perspective, I have two dreams in life: #1 to raise intelligent, confident, happy children, #2 help as many people as possible achieve their fitness goals. 

I live and breathe my goals.  My mom just asked me if I was excited for the weekend.  I do not live for my weekends.  I live for every day of my life.  I love waking up and knowing that I’m going to lift heavier than I did yesterday.  I love waking up and researching a new topic to teach my children. Everything I talk about is related to homeschooling or fitness.  And I love it that way.  And all my friends love it, too.  Because I surround myself with people who fully support my goals.  I don’t have time for haters or people who distract me.  I am unapologetic about what I want in life.  And that’s ok.

Every second of every day I am thinking about my children and personal training.  Since I made the decision to homeschool, I spend my free time researching new crafts, teaching methods and science projects.  My Facebook and Pinterest accounts reflect my passion for homeschooling and fitness.   I love trying new exercise techniques in the gym and new recipes in the kitchen.  Every second of every day I'm working for the things I love!

Thoreau wrote profoundly about “sucking the morrow from life.”  Fiercely running after your goals is what he meant.  Because once you find something you love every day is filled with joy. 

In addition, I feel that it’s important that your goal be tied to giving back in some way.  You need to have a connection to your goals that makes it more than just want you want, you need to succeed because you almost feel like you don’t have a choice. 

I have an amazing family and I want them to be proud of me.  I want my three beautiful children to know that women are powerful and intelligent.  I want them to see how strong a woman can be.  I want them to know a determined woman can accomplish anything in life.    I want them to see me help people.  I want them to learn that helping others and giving back to others is the most important thing a person can do.   These things are what drive me.  If I didn’t have these thoughts I wouldn’t have conviction.

For example, if you want to be a doctor then you need to devote every waking moment to being the best doctor you can be because you are going to have future patients that you CANNOT let down.  And if you truly want to be a doctor then you should want to devote every waking moment to learning about medicine. 

Community and family should be at the center of your goals.  Because then your goals become bigger than yourself.  They become important.  They become vital. 

I want to be the best teacher and personal trainer I can be, not only because I love it, but also because I have people who depend on me and I will not let them down. 

So where do you go from here?

You need an Action Plan:

  • Specifically define your dream

  • Set short and long term goals

  • Break down your short term goals into weekly goals and write them on a wipe board!

  • Identify what obstacles you need to overcome each week

  • Develop a specific list of actions to overcome those obstacles

  • Find an accountability coach – a friend, family member, co-worker, hired professional

  • Schedule weekly check-ins to review your completed actions and the next week’s goals

  • Surround yourself with motivation and positive people

  • Remove your distractions

    Now stop reading this blog and go develop your Action Plan!

Spring wants to help you achieve your goals.  STF can help you develop an action plan.  Contact STF today!