A Day in the Life of Spring: Workout Intensity

I see it so often...  a person comes to the gym day after day but their physique never changes.  How is this even possible?  There could be a myriad of reasons you are not getting the results you desire.  But I feel the two main reasons for the general population are 1. You aren't eating to reach your goals, and 2. Your workouts aren't effective. 

In this two part blog, "A Day in the Life" I will showcase my workouts and diet to give you an example of what you should be striving for. 

There are a few main ideas I want you to take away from my example.  First, I eat to reach a goal.  My overall goal is muscle building.  Right now my diet is focused on cutting a little body fat to get an idea of how my body is progressing.  Once I reach my desired cutting goal I'll slowly add back in calories to fire-up muscle building.  I'll talk a little more about diet in my next blog.

Second, my workouts are effective because I stay focused and challenged.  I don't talk a lot when I workout and I don't surf Facebook between sets.  I am dialed in to what I am doing and I push myself.  No matter what your fitness level, you should be working at an intensity that pushes your body slightly past your comfort level.  DO NOT PUSH TOO HARD TOO FAST!  You have to use the progression principle intelligently.  But, don't phone in your workouts either. 

What changes the body is adaptation to a stressor.  If the stressor is not manipulated over time, usually with more weight, reps or intensity, the body will stop progressing.  If you are a beginner the most important factor is perfecting your form.  But once you have mastered proper form you need to continually add weight or reps to your workouts in order to progress.  If you get too comfortable in the gym you will stop seeing results.   If you are unsure what proper workout intensity should be for your fitness level you can always ask me or a training manager at your gym.  If you are a beginner check with your Dr. before starting a fitness routine. 

In addition, my workouts reflect my goals.  I am an ectomorph that wants to build muscle.  If you are a mesomorph that wants to cut body fat your workouts will look different than mind.  If your goal is injury recovery your workouts will also look different.  The point is that different people will have different workouts.  What should be consistent for everyone is their workouts should push them outside their comfort zone. 

If you have any questions regarding workout intensity and program progression don't hesitate to email me!  I am always here for you.