Habits to Change your Physique

I’m so thrilled you have made the decision to strive for excellence.  During the 5 in 5 Challenge you are going to incorporate basic lifestyle habits that will help you lose 5 pounds, and ultimately, reach your goal weight.  

There are some daily habits that WILL get you to where you want to be.  If you want to change your physique, start adding these techniques today:


Sugar keeps insulin high and reduces your body’s ability to tap body fat stores.  By simply removing sugar from your diet, you will start to burn more fat, have more energy, and reduce inflammation in your body.  


Protein and veggies will keep you full and give your body vital nutrients.  Protein is thermogenic.  This means you will be burning more calories while you digest!  Adding a colorful boost of nutritious veggies will also help you recover faster from your workouts, thus reducing your risk of injury.  


Like protein and veggies, drinking close to a gallon of water will help you stay fuller long and recover from your workouts faster.  Every cell in your body needs water to survive.  Staying hydrated will help remove waste, lubricate your joints, and help your muscles work more efficiently.  


Sleeping 7-8 hours each night will help your body recover, give you energy, and provide you with mental clarity.  Sleep affects so many aspects of our lives.  The amount of sleep you get each night affects growth and stress hormones, our immune system, appetite, breathing, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health.  Sleep deficiency is linked to heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, and infections.  


I know this is a big one for many of you, but, eating at home is a major contributor to physique related goals.  Losing weight and gaining muscle are both dependent on what you eat.  If you want to change your body you HAVE to know what you are putting in your mouth.  The only true way to do that is by controlling your own food.  There is no way around this!  If you want to achieve your goals you are going to be cooking at home.  


This is another non-negotiable rule.  If you want to change your physique you can not drink alcohol.  As soon as your body consumes alcohol it starts to process it.  It wants to remove the poison as fast as possible.  That means anything you eat during and after a drink will get stored as body fat.  In addition, alcohol is empty calories.  You can easily cut 100 calories from your diet by simply passing on the wine and beer.  If that wasn’t enough, alcohol can actually increase your appetite.  All in all, alcohol will only derail your goals.  


Calories are king and Macros are queen.  Losing weight is a numbers game, you have to be under your calories 6 days a week to lose weight.   Gaining muscle requires a slight caloric surplus with balanced macros.  If you do not manage your macros you will gain fat, not muscle.  This is why you have to know what you are eating.  If you are not measuring and tracking your intake you won’t hit your goal.  Remember, this process is not forever.  Once you reach your goal weight you can shift your focus to eating colorful, healthy food with a few treats mixed in.  


Diet is key when you want to change your physique, but, daily workouts will help you reach your goal sooner, keep you healthy, reduce your appetite, and boost your mood.  Lifting weights daily will also use up your muscle glycogen.  This will give your body a chance to store calories in your muscles on a daily basis vs. storing excess calories as body fat.  In addition, HIIT will boost your growth hormone and reduce your appetite.  


If you haven’t noticed rest and recovery are a huge part of changing your physique.  The process of weight loss is hard.  Be gentle with yourself during the next five weeks.  Limit stress by incorporating walking, hiking, journaling, and other relaxing activities.  Stress releases cortisol in your body, which makes weight loss very difficult.  Emotional and physical stress - such as tough workouts and calorie deficiency - can also weaken your immune system and increase your risk for injury.  Stretching and foam rolling can reduce your chance for injury and promote performance.  Getting enough sleep, relaxing, stretching, and foam rolling can help keep your body injury-free, illness-free, and energized