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This month’s program focuses on full body workouts. Three lifting formats are highlighted so you can learn how to combine basic exercises into dynamic workouts. Full body workouts are perfect if you are easing into fitness or you can’t find the time to workout more than three days a week. NO ONE has to be in the gym 7 days a week! Combining full body workouts with a healthy diet will absolutely make your life healthier.

This month you’ll use dumbbells, a band, and an exercise ball. Identify three days a week you plan to workout. This workout program offers a perfect “Monday, Wednesday, Friday,” or “Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday” split. You will, for example, perform Workout 1 on Monday, Workout 2 on Wednesday, and Workout 3 on Friday for four straight weeks. Grab your equipment and let’s work!


January 2018 - Workout 1

WORKOUT 1 features a straight-set technique. When you perform straight sets, use heavy weight. The slower tempo of a straight-set workout allows your body to lift heavier weight and then recover during a rest period. The weight you use should definitely feel challenging by rep 8, 9, & 10! This workout format is great for anyone who has a limited number of days they can hit the gym, but a decent amount of time in the gym once they are there. Using straight sets is a straight path to building a sleek, toned physique.


January 2018 - Workout 2

WORKOUT 2 uses super sets to maximize your time in the gym. This technique gives you the opportunity to get an affective workout in a short amount of time. Super setting can be used during every workout. I use it with every personal training client that steps into my gym to melt fat and build muscle. If you want to get the full STF experience in the comfort of your home, super setting is the way to go!


January 2018 - workout 3

WORKOUT 3 is a full-body circuit workout. Circuits, like super sets, can help you maximize your time in the gym. Instead of separating your cardio and weight workouts, circuits combine the heart-pumping tempo of cardio with weight training. This is a surefire way to melt fat!